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If you have ever dreamed of going on an African safari, you have come to the right place. We offer Kenyan safaris of all different lengths – from a short day trip to 9 days, and everything in-between.  In addition, we offer multi-country safaris from 9 to 12 days that bring you the best of both Kenya and Tanzania.

All of our safaris are of the highest quality, meet the highest levels of safety, and are deigned to fit every budget. Come see all the amazing animals, beautiful birds, and unique landscapes that make Kenya and Tanzania a favorite destination. Contact us today so we can help you plan your dream safari!

zebra with Serengeti adventure safari

2 Days Safari Packages


These mini safaris are the best way to experience African wildlife when you are short on time. Whether it is a long weekend or you want to add a safari to a mountain climbing excursion, these safaris are a great choice.

samburu-with Serengeti Adventure Safari

3 Days Safari Packages


Only have a few days, that okay. These introductory safaris are a great way to get the full safari experience in a short amount of time.


4 Days Safari Packages


These safaris provide you with a great safari experience while teaching you about African animals and their habitat.

5 Day Tanzania Safari Adventure

5 Days Packages


If you want a full immersive experience in safari game drives and the opportunity to truly understand the differences between multiple parks, these are the packages for you.

egyptian-Egyptian goose

6 Days Packages


Multiple parks mean multiple adventures all packed into one amazing trip. Experience everything safaris have to offer with these excursions.

Lake Nakuru- Serengeti Adventure Safari

7-9 Days Packages


If you have the time, we have the adventure. These longer packages are designed to give you the best experience you can imagine.


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